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Face wrinkles and aging signs are one of the scare dreams, never wanted by anyone. But today’s busy schedules and tedious work stress and increased pollution rate cause the anti-aging of the skin. Face wrinkles may add an older look and diminishes the beauty. By reducing skin elasticity and providing young and rejuvenated skin, anti-wrinkle treatments help to overcome this.

With advanced skin treatment for wrinkles, Queens provides exceptional facial wrinkles removal to any type of skin. With the expertise of the best dermatologist Dubai, we extend immaculate and most effective wrinkle treatment in minimal budget. We help to smile confidently and feel astounding. At queens, every client walks with the best cure for wrinkles, and the scowl lines and crow’s feet never amend your confidence again. With our effective wrinkle treatments, all noticeable indications of aging are guaranteed to be eliminated in no downtime.



Wrinkles are the curved lines or Usually, wrinkles associated with aging appear on the parts of the body where sun exposure is greatest. These sites are the face, neck, the backs of the hands, and the tops of the forearms. Wrinkles are generally developed as two kinds- fine surface lines and deep furrows related to muscular contraction. Some deep furrows are anatomical and have little to do with aging.

Causes of wrinkles

• Degree of natural skin pigmentation (more is better)
• Sun and ultraviolet exposure
• Habits like smoking that may affect the elasticity of the skin
• Heredity
• The loss of subcutaneous fat on a person’s body

Why face wrinkle treatment from Queens?

Having a dull and elder look skin always make people uncomfortable. With the best treatment for wrinkles, Queens can provide you the best possible help to make your skin good looking and younger. As there are lots of skincare treatments available, you need to choose one best for you. The professional has complete knowledge about various, and they help to choose one which is best for you. Queens is one best skin treatment clinic in UAE where the best dermatologist Dubai can provide you the best cure for wrinkles at affordable prices.

With advanced skincare techniques and genuine products, Queens extend outstanding and effective wrinkle treatments through high-quality services. With our exclusive wrinkle cure packages, customers get assured younger-looking skin.

Types of wrinkle treatment

There are different types of anti-wrinkle treatments. With a specialized team for skin treatment, Queens extends all major types of anti-wrinkle care to customers. Based on the diagnostic assumptions and suitability of treatment, our dermatologist will suggest the best wrinkle cure treatment.

1. prescription topical vitamin A retinoid.
2. prescription topical antioxidants and collagen.
3. OTC wrinkle creams.
4. laser skin resurfacing.

5. a light source and radiofrequency treatments.
6. chemical peel.
7. Derma abrasion or microdermabrasion.
8. Botox

The Procedure

Based on the type of requirements and specifications from clients, our dermatologist will end up in Procedural options that could give effective wrinkle treatment.

Glycolic acid peels: One of the most preferred and best treatments for wrinkles and face. These superficial peels assure a very slight difference in the intensity of fine wrinkles.
Deeper peels: This is one of the best treatment for deep wrinkles. In this peels use ingredients like salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid and penetrate somewhat deeper into the skin. Deeper peels are ideal wrinkle-reducing treatment as it will smooth fine lines. Deeper peels may require anesthesia that can get administered only under a physician’s guideline. Mild sedation helps ease short-term but intense discomfort.
Microdermabrasion: This refers to a wrinkle reduction treatment or also knowns as “sanding the skin” with a machine containing silica or aluminum crystals. This wrinkle cure does not change skin anatomy, though it may make the face feel smoother.
Dermabrasion: This is another type of wrinkle reduction methodology that uses a surgical procedure. Usually, this is done with the help of general anesthesia. In this kind of facial wrinkle treatment, dermatologists will use a rotating instrument to sand the skin down. This type of facial wrinkle treatment results in excellent improvement of skin tone.
Laser resurfacing: One of the widely accepted face wrinkle treatment. In this carbon dioxide and erbium, laser instruments are used for wrinkle removal. Laser resurfacing wrinkle cure treatment is often given by a medical professional who will perform the treatment via passing the laser several times over the area to be treated until the damage reaches the middle of the dermis, the skin’s second layer. This helps stimulate the body’s natural collagen synthesis that could plumps up sagging skin and wrinkles.

Fractional resurfacing: One of the best deep wrinkle treatments that target only wrinkled areas and heals as much faster than traditional resurfacing. With this kind of wrinkle-reducing treatment Patients may need several treatments to achieve full benefit.
Non-ablative laser resurfacing: Newer lasers attempt to stimulate collagen synthesis under the skin without damaging the epidermis. Modern studies suggest that this kind of wrinkle removal procedure can improve fine wrinkles, though not as much as laser resurfacing. Several treatments may be necessary. These procedures are almost painless and there is little or no redness, peeling, or downtime afterward.
Heat and radiofrequency: Another variation of noninvasive facial rejuvenation is to heat tissue using radiofrequency devices and infrared light sources. Even though the techniques used for this treatment are still in development, the outcome of the treatments suggests that they are safe and can produce a visible and lasting improvement over wrinkled skin.
Cosmetic surgery: Surgical facelifts, brow lifts, and similar operations can be very helpful for selected patients to cure face wrinkles.
Botox: This is a kind of facial wrinkle reduction treatment in which an Injection of botulinum toxin will be used. This will paralyze facial muscles that produce any kind of wrinkles on the skin. This is one of the lasting wrinkle reducing treatment that can guarantee several months.
Fillers: Via injecting fillers into the skin wrinkles and folds get flatten. This type of anti-wrinkle treatment can last for six to nine months or even longer.

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