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When you need an RCT dental treatment?

An inflamed pulp in the oral cavity may require immediate attention, to get prevented from the loss of teeth. Endodontic treatment is a necessary treatment to suppress and stop the developing inflammation over the soft tissue of the root canal. With repeated dental procedures on the tooth or a crack or chip in the tooth, RCT of teeth assures a long lasting natural tooth. Any unattended pulp inflammation or infection can end up in severe pain and lead to an abscess development.

RCT teeth treatment is highly recommended if;

• Severe pain while chewing or biting
• Pimples on the gums
• A chipped or cracked tooth
• Developing sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages
• Swollen or tender gums
• Deep decay or darkening of the gums


What does our root canal dentist do?

With RCT teeth treatment, the endodontist carefully removes the inflamed cells or infected pulp, and clean the root canal followed by the filling and sealing of the space. RCT of teeth gets successful if the treatment is followed by a crown placement, such that the restoration of the tooth happens and it starts functioning as any other tooth. Endodontic treatment is often performed in several sittings, depending on the kind and type degree of infection developed for the teeth.

RCT Dental Treatment Procedures

Teeth inside is a combination of blood vessels and nerves, collectively called the pulp. This pulp or tissues in the pulp chamber connect to root canals. A damaged tooth can cause bacteria to enter the root canal and develop irritation, pain, and swelling. This, in turn, can cause severe infection which may lead even to the loss of teeth. With an RCT treated tooth, any kind of sever pulp infection can be fixed and the tooth can be maintained forever.

Root Canal Symptoms
Common Symptoms of Root Canal Infection

RCT Dental Treatment is a series of procedures, given to trace out every element of infection from the pulp. RCT dentists usually give this in different sessions, usually in 2 or 3 sittings.

1. RCT dentist examines the teeth that need a root canal and goes through the radiograph of the tooth using x-rays. With the administration of local anesthetic, begin with the treatment. After the procedures, to isolate the tooth and keep it clean and free of saliva for upcoming procedures, the teeth will be left as sealed.
2. In the next sitting, the endodontist use number of small instruments to clean the teeth that need a root canal. They remove the pulp from the chamber and root canals and shape the space for filling.
3. After space is cleaned and shaped well, the endodontist fills the root canal teeth with a biocompatible material which are rubber-like material. The adhesive cement to ensure complete sealing of the root canals.
4. During the final visit with your endodontist, the dentist will advise on the necessity to have a crown for your root canal teeth. With the crown, you will get a tooth in a healthy position to function like a natural one. A root canal on a tooth with a crown is mostly advised for every patient requiring RCT.

How does Root canal treatment help?

A root canal is a planned series of the dental treatment procedure to maintain a healthy and natural smile. If pulp infections are getting severe, the final remedy to get out with is the extraction of the teeth. A root canal specialist in Dubai can help prevent the loss of teeth with an effective treatment that could even impact neighboring teeth and supporting gums.

Get the best root canal specialist in Dubai

At Queens Medical Center, we have a team of root canal dentist Dubai, to help manage any procedure with RCT including post-procedures. With careful diagnosis and treatment plans, we provide different types of treatment like RCT molar or a molar tooth root canal, upper molar canals, tooth root filling, and more. Our RCT specialist in Dubai helps to undergo a painless procedure and guide the patients through all necessary steps and measures they have to undergo with RCT treated teeth.
With Queens, you get RCT expertise in the budget. From RCT molar to root canal treatment with crown, we give in the most flexible and affordable. With the advanced dental care procedures and experienced root canal specialists, queens deliver exceptional post-treatment services too.

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