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Queens provides outstanding prosthodontic treatment and care with advanced dental care procedures. All kinds of prosthodontics issues from birth through lifestyle, get the finest diagnosis and treatment here. With a professional team of dentists, Queens Medical Center is equipped to handle minor to major dental issues of any aged individuals.

What is prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is a branch of dental science, dealing with the restoration and replacement of natural teeth. A prosthodontist diagnoses with all kinds of oral problems and provides required treatment and care that could improve the appearance and enhance oral comfort. Prosthodontics deal with clinical conditions caused by missing or deficient teeth and maxillofacial tissues along with traumatic injury and genetic facial defects.
With a team of expertise prosthodontists, Queens helps to restore complete oral health. With modern dental techniques and procedures, we deliver exceptional services from, diagnosis to post-treatment checkup. our experienced prosthodontists will help restore your smile to look its best in no time. With efficient and comprehensive treatment plans and packages, our prosthodontics treatment, create the perfect rapport between functionality, longevity, and aesthetics.

Prosthodontics Treatment at Queens

Queens Medical Center offers a wide range of prosthodontic treatments. Queens also provide prosthodontics treatment for jaw problems, snoring disorders, sleep apnea, and some level of reconstruction required by any sort of treatment or surgery for oral cancer. We are popular for the total oral rehabilitation and treatment of a wide variety of dental conditions at affordable fees.

• Dental Implants
• Dental Crown
• Dental Bridge
• Veneer

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Dental Implants

All kinds of teeth missing get the perfect set of treatment here. At queens with a team of an experienced prosthodontist, we provide the most stable and long-lasting implants perfectly as natural teeth. With prolonged expertise and advanced technology, our team perform surgical implantation of teeth and provide a stable and comfortable oral health to the patient. Queens is specialized in delivering all major types of implants to individuals of any age.

Dental Crown

Dental crown another major prosthodontic treatment used to prevent further damage to the teeth. This is ideal for the teeth with cavities or with the teeth undergone root canal treatments or exposed to any kind of damage. Our prosthodontists use crowns made of quality natural materials and make it almost similar, realistic, and pleasing. It is a great way to hide discolored or badly shaped teeth.

Dental Bridge

Prosthodontist of Queen’s help with individuals suffering from lost teeth. A bridge is another type of prosthodontic service that can replace up to four adjoining teeth. It is a permanent fixture for lost teeth or gum disease. Additionally, it can correct bite, chewing, as well as speech issues. Bridges can be colored to match your natural teeth so they blend aesthetically. Ask us about the pros and cons of bridges.

Aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry

From single restoration to extensive rehabilitation, Queen’s help with advanced aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. With the modern cosmetic solutions associated with dental science, we bring in the best of diagnosis and treatments that will fix issues faithfully.
Prosthodontists of Queens are experts in whitening and bonding techniques, color matching, use of veneers to reshape teeth and enhance appearance, and the precise fabrication and placement of fixed prostheses such as crowns and bridges. At Queens, we integrate the expertise and the skills of an artist to curate the best of oral health to every individual walking in.

Ceramic and Metal-Ceramic Dental Crowns
Dental Bridges
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