Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

From infancy through adolescence, oral health is a great concern for most of the parents. The children’s habits and eating style along with several other factors affect oral health very much. A good Pediatric dentist can be your Childs dental guardian to prevent dental diseases that could lead to lifelong complications including the loss of teeth. Pediatric dentistry is evolving over time with greater technology and tools in medical science.

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Pediatric dentistry is not just a discipline of medical science. One of the streams closely aligning with the patient’s interests and tastes. A good pediatric dentist wins the heart of their little patients and helps them to recover with perfect treatment supplied along with much care and love. Take your child to the most comfortable kids dentists Dubai.

With the best pediatric dentist in Dubai, Queens plays a greater role in extending exceptional pediatric dental care services. With a lovely and intuitive approach, our child dentist Dubai, please the kids and get them to a supreme comfortable ambiance and perform the diagnosis as well as the required treatment procedure. At Queens Medical Center, we provide them a session of enjoyment and fun with their course of treatment. With each visit, we develop an emotional rapport with the kids and become their friendly companion and ready them to undergo the procedures in less fear and more confidence.

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Pediatric Dental Treatments

Queens is popular with the best child dentist Dubai. We provide the following pediatric dental treatment.

Tooth Fillings

This is one of the major pediatric dental procedures demanded among most of the kids. With coloured fillings, our child dentist Dubai restores the teeth perfectly. Any teeth of front or back or repair fractured teeth and/or areas of decay will get perfectly diagnosed in this pediatric dental clinic and bring them a new teeth structure closely aligning with the same that of a natural tooth.

Early Orthodontic Care

Early orthodontic or Interceptive orthodontic treatment can prevent more extensive dental treatment later. At queens, our kid’s dentist Dubai, diagnose the progress of child’s bite and jaw development with routine dental examinations that can prevent extensive orthodontic work in his/her future. We also provide dental treatment for kids suffering from malocclusions issues.

Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning also known as prophylaxis is another major pediatric dental care service offered by our best pediatric dentist in Dubai. During a dental visit, our dental assistant or hygienist will first review the child’s medical history and examine for overall oral health. With the clear diagnosis child’s teeth will be thoroughly cleaned to remove plaque and calculus to prevent cavities and gum diseases. Queens kid’s dentist Dubai may recommend more frequent visits to closely monitor and manage a child’s oral health.

Root canal Treatment

Pulp therapy (pulpotomy) is the treatment of infected nerves and blood vessels in teeth which can become necessary as a result of extensive tooth decay or of tooth injury. Upon the failure to provide pulp therapy our pediatric dentist Dubai may extend the life of the baby tooth, without the need for extraction and a space maintainer. In this treatment course, they preserve the teeth through improved treatment procedures and restore the teeth and maintain a happy smile.


Tooth decay or caries is a common dental issue found among very young children. With effective early treatment, this can be prevented and the teeth can be maintained healthy. Our pediatric dentist can repair the tooth using tooth-colored fillings or if the cavity developed any infection, he may move to pulpectomy and to other procedures.

Dental Sealants

Any small grooves or cracks on the teeth can develop cavities in the future. To prevent this, our child dentist Dubai is providing dental sealants. Usually, they are thin, white plastic coatings that are applied to the tops or chewing surfaces of back teeth and are highly effective in preventing tooth decay. Sealants may not last a long time, hence it is ideal to visit the dentist and check that they are intact.


Extractions are the last option of dental treatment in case of severe tooth decay. Our pediatric dentist in Dubai brings their expertise and skills to safeguard the teeth of every little patient. However, if not left with any options, may move for tooth extraction. We provide painless tooth extraction treatment with utmost care and vigilance.


Cavities are one of the major dental problems found among kids. To prevent cavity formation, fluoride treatment can help. As fluoride promotes the re-mineralization of these decalcified spots and prevents cavities, this can be done in kids who are showing chances of cavity formation as well as any stain or plaque development on teeth.

Stainless Steel Crowns

To restore teeth that are too badly decayed to hold white fillings, we use Stainless steel crowns. In patients where tooth-colored fillings are not a viable option, and stainless steel crowns necessary, prefabricated silver-colored crowns are the best option. Queens kid’s dentist provides crown treatment in an affordable package.

Space Maintainers

We also provide space maintainer treatment for the kids, who lost their milk teeth out of trauma. As these space maintainers stay in the lost teeth’ position, adjacent teeth do not get a change of position, and also in the future, the permanent teeth get enough space to grow. Space maintainers get removed, once permanent teeth start erupting.


Queens provides X-ray procedures for pediatric dental care. With the help of advanced digital x-ray technology, the pediatric dentist of queens diagnoses the teeth and deliver exceptional treatment to any aged kids.

Dental Sealants
plastic coating applied by the pediatric dentist
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