While there are many options to straighten your teeth Invisalign is the only clear option that is free of brackets and wires. Invisalign allows you to work, eat, and participate in social situations worry free! All while giving you a perfect smile. The benefits of Invisalign will impact your life in two ways: during treatment and after treatment. Get ready for life changing and smile inducing results. Your comfort and convenience is assured during treatment. Your confidence and self-esteem will soar after treatment. Invisalign is an affordable and effective alternative to braces. Read on for more details on the two biggest ways you will benefit.

Benefits of Invisalign During Treatment

Today’s modern patients have busy and goal oriented lifestyles. They can’t afford downtime and want the most advanced procedures in dental care. Invisalign is a great treatment option for an inconspicuous look during treatment.
Besides smiling proudly in photos and delivering powerful presentations at work, Invisalign patients have the opportunity to maintain perfect dental hygiene. The clear alignment trays can be removed for eating and cleaning. Floss easily up and around the margins of each tooth without needing a threading device.


Maintain a bright white smile with no brackets bonded to the outer surfaces of the teeth. Bite into apples, juicy steaks, and crusty sandwiches without worrying about displacing a bracket or needing to call the orthodontist for an emergency appointment.

Invisalign patients also report less sensitivity and greater comfort during treatment than patients with traditional metal braces. Like braces patients, Invisalign patients visit the orthodontist office monthly for new alignment trays and check-ups. For the right candidate, the cost and length of treatment is in the same range as braces. Ask your orthodontist whether Invisalign is right for you and for a realistic estimate of the complete treatment cost.


Benefits of Invisalign After Treatment

Invisalign patients have no fears about the look of their teeth after orthodontic treatment. They’ve been watching their smile slowly align over the treatment period. The dental hygiene they are able to maintain during the treatment process eliminates the need for professional whitening, which can result from cemented brackets and improper home care for braces patients.

Besides an aesthetically pleasing grin and a comfortable, more functional bite for chewing and speaking, Invisalign patients are rewarded with greater confidence and self-esteem. Crooked teeth leave people hiding their smile, feeling self-conscious about taking photographs, and struggling with shyness about meeting new people. An aligned smile tends to make patients more outgoing. They are excited to try new activities and engage in new hobbies. Aligned teeth benefit patients for a lifetime of social and family events and encourage them to meet their career and educational goals.

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